Sophie Christopher

The kindest, funniest and most fabulous person in any room.

your life is your life.
know it while you have it.
you are marvelous
the gods wait to delight
in you.
-Charles Bukowski, ‘The Laughing Heart’

2nd July 2019

Order of Service


Sophie was a shining comet of a woman who sparked with wit, grit and pure unadulterated charm. She could make anything look easy, from hosting an ambitious multi-course dinner party to finding a poem to suit any and every occasion – or pulling off a brave combination of ruffles and studs all at once.

Sophie excelled at most things she tried, and her brain fizzed constantly with new ideas – most of which were concerned with improving the state of the world. After graduating from Exeter University in 2012, she started a successful career in publishing with positions at Bloomsbury and Penguin Random House. Earlier in 2019 she co-founded The FLIP (Female Leadership in Publishing) with two of her colleagues at Transworld, which platforms under-represented voices within the industry in a frank and empowering way. To honour her memory, her family and her boyfriend Tim have chosen to work with two UK-based charities – Beyond the Streets and Real Action – that embody Sophie’s belief in the power of literature to effect positive change. There are already several books in the works that will be dedicated to her.

Sophie had an uncanny knack for connecting with people, and her rare blend of cleverness and kindness resulted in a shining enthusiasm for those around her. She could work a room like no one else, and was a constant source of support and encouragement for anyone lucky enough to find themselves bathed in her glow. She did not believe in the concept of a ‘guilty pleasure’ either in art or in life, instead squeezing all the joy out of the day wherever she found it. A Chislehurst-girl-turned-Hampstead-woman, Sophie was an effervescent presence anywhere, at any time – whether that was snuggled on the sofa with Scout, or out having adventures all across the globe.

Sophie passed away on the evening of June 3rd, at the age of 28. The world has lost someone truly special, and she is already very deeply missed by everyone with the good fortune to have known her. Her loved-ones will remember Sophie always – and will try for the rest of our lives to be a little bit more like her, whenever we can.

Memories of Sophie

Sophie was loved by so many that it’s proving difficult to keep track of all the wonderful stories people have about her.

Sophie’s family would love you to share your memories, photos, videos, or any books that Sophie suggested you read.


Should you wish to make a donation in memory of Sophie please do so to our chosen charitable organisations. We have selected two charities that reflect Sophie’s passions.

Beyond the Streets is a UK charity working to end sexual exploitation by working directly with women. They offer safe spaces and the opportunity to talk. Sophie passionately believed in the work of Beyond the Streets. She recently worked with them on a number of projects.

Real Action is a specialist education charity. They offer fast-acting, effective courses of basic education, especially in literacy for children and adults. Real Action have transformed the prospects for people living in underprivileged communities. Their work reflects Sophie’s belief in the power of literacy and literature to change lives.

You can make a donation to either charity via the button below:

Should you wish to make a donation via cheque please do so by making your cheque payable to Beyond the Streets and post to PO Box 1676, Southampton SO15 9DA indicating your donation is in memory of Sophie.